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9 New Wellness Hacks To Try in 2019 (That I’m Addicted To!)


If you’re anything like me, you love a good trendy wellness tip. From celery juice to salt lamps, it seems like there are new tricks for self-care every week. And although I absolutely love reading about everything that I could be doing when it comes t0 self-care, I know if I followed every single tip, I would be spending all my time trying to take care of myself.

And even though bubble baths every night sound like a nice idea, a girl’s gotta make time for margaritas with friends too! I promised myself that in 2019, I would be better about taking care of myself. There would be no more burn out, no more crying to my boyfriend that I “just couldn’t handle it”. And so far, I’ve stuck to it!

Taking care of my BODY, makes me feel all sorts of happy in my brain. I’ve tried a TON of wellness trends so far this year, and wanted to share my favorite with you! What self-care and wellness hacks have you discovered in 2019?

9 New Wellness Trends To Try in 2019 (That I’m Addicted To!)

Doing LED Therapy

I’ve talked to you all about my adult acne before, and since I’ve dealt with this less than fortunate spout in my twenties (thank you birth control!). My amazing facialist (if you’re in SF – you MUST try her), started doing LED light therapy and I’m OBSESSED, with red light. It’s designed to re-hydrate the face, and increase collagen and elastin formation resulting in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps with sagging tissues and restoring skin tone.

Make sure the facialist is legit (you can always check Goop for great ones near you!) and try this one out. I loved how my face felt for weeks, and clear skin always makes me feel more confident!

Drinking Four Sigmatic Drinks

It’s no secret that I love healthy foods – especially ones that taste good! I discovered Four Sigmatic drinks through a few other bloggers I love and can’t STOP drinking them. Stress runs in my genes, so finding anything to lower my anxiety levels is amazing!

I started drinking the hot cocoa Four Sigmatic drink AND LOVE IT!!! It literally tastes like hot chocolate, with no calories. After I drink it, I also feel completely relaxed. On business trips, I even bring the little packets because they are so yummy.

Opening A Caring Crate Subscription Box

I absolutely love little treats to myself! Caring Crate is a monthly subscription box that is designed to help you take time for self-care and nourish your mental health. One of the T20S readers actually started this AMAZING company and sent me one of her boxes!

The goodies were SOOO cute, that I had to share – it’s an amazing wellness hack! See below for all the amazing things in my box.

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Writing Thank You Notes

A few weeks ago, I asked on my Instagram story if anyone likes to write thank you notes – especially at work. TBH, I am a huge fan of thank you notes. I love writing them to friends, family, and co-workers.

It might be weird that I put this in a ‘wellness trend’, but writing thank you notes will make YOU feel better. Acknowledging your gratitude towards others will remind you how much in your life you have to be grateful for!

Taking Boxing Classes

Boxing is my new favorite wellness hack. There’s something about spending time punching a bag that helps get all my stress out. This sounds so silly, but I like to picture my stresses in the form of the punching bag and make them all go away.

2019 is all about being strong for me, and boxing certainly makes me feel strong.

Sleeping With A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are so in right now! Do you ever get stressed either first thing in the morning, or late at night? I get both, unfortunately, and weighted blankets totally fix that.

So weighted blankets actually simulate the feeling of being hugged and held, something that produces all the happy chemicals in your brain. I love being able to sleep with something that helps produce those anti-stress chemicals.

Plugging In My Salt Lamps

I’ve had my salt lamp in my house for several months and let me tell you – I’m OBSESSED! Not only does it show the cutest pink hue, but it emits all sorts of healthy air-cleaning things into your home, and gets rid of negative ions.

This is my lamp, it was $20 and honestly, it’s so so cute. Also yes, it’s real salt! I licked mine to make sure, ha!

Using Ice Eye Masks

By now, you all probably know my love a good cold jade roller, but I’ve recently gotten hooked on iced eye patches to reduce puffiness (like these). Every morning, I’ve been putting my eye mask on while I’m sipping my coffee.

This really gets rid of puffiness and gets me ready for the day. When I head to work super early (6:30 am most days!!!) – having a little way to depuff is crucial. I never feel like I can put on my makeup otherwise.

Putting on Super Goop Self-Tanner

San Francisco has been SO rainy this winter and honestly, I hate feeling pale. It sounds so silly but I feel more confident and more myself with a little color.

I’m naturally pretty tan, but this winter – everything has changed. Super Goop self-tanner, (that’s also a sunscreen) has been my go-to this winter, it’s super thin, doesn’t have a smell and tans you so easily!

Wellness hacks are absolutely my favorite thing, it’s the little things that help keep my stress levels down and really help me on a day to day basis! What are your wellness hacks?! What have you tried in 2019? Comment below!

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