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5 Money Saving Secrets To Allow You To Have Fun, On A Budget


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One of the hardest parts about saving money is figuring out a way to still enjoy life – without spending tons of cash. Let’s be real, so much of being social can cost money. Sushi with friends? Expensive! Going to see a concert? That costs money too! In this post, we’re going to review money saving secrets that will allow you to have fun, while on a budget. 

Whenever I embark on a budgeting journey, my biggest stress is usually how I will keep up with things I love the most, like working out, friends and time with my boyfriend. It always feels incredibly hard to do both, because so much of what we could consider ‘fun’ on a day to day basis does have a cost associated with it. 

As you may know, when I moved to San Francisco, I wasn’t making a lot of money – and my rent was super high. I had no friends and trying to be anti-social solely to save money would have made me miserable. 

Here are your 5 money saving secrets to allow you to have fun on a budget! 

Five ways to budget while still being social, budgeting, money

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5 Money Saving Secrets To Allow You To Have Fun, On A Budget

Find free activities 

One of the hardest parts of being social and saving money is finding activities that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Whatever city you live in, you absolutely should do some great research on where you can have fun – without breaking the bank. 

In San Francisco, there’s all sorts of free urban hikes, street fairs and discounted events. Instead of letting others around you dictate what you all are going to do while you are together, try suggesting some free activities to see if your friends would be up for it. This will help you keep your budget down, while still having fun. 

Know how much you have to spend 

For me, if I don’t know how much money I can actually spend (and still be social), I feel all sorts of out of control. Anxiety galore! Try actually mapping out how much money you make vs how much you need to spend on rent vs how much you can spend every month. 

This should help you dictate how much you can spend on being social every week, so you can pick what you really want to do. 

Five ways to budget while still being social, budgeting, money

Spend money on experiences not thing 

I’ve always heard that it’s significantly more satisfying to spend money on experiences, not things. Memories last a lifetime they say, don’t they?! In all seriousness, if you get in the habit of using to spend your money on fun experiences (like shows) rather than materials (like shopping with friends), it’s likely you will be significantly happier. 

I’ll be honest, I love to shop. In times where I’ve had to save money, this was one of the hardest to break. Avoiding that ‘high’ that you can so easily get from 

Hopefully, you’ll also be closer with your friends as a result. Some of ideas of ways to spend money this way are concerts, trips, art fairs and cool things in your city – that you couldn’t get elsewhere! 

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Be open with your friends 

If your social circle are big spenders, try being honest with them that you are on a budget. You don’t have to scream about your exact monetary situation, but you can absolutely suggest and ask that you ideas that are budget friendly. No one is ever going to blame you for making your life better. 

Your friends should be understanding. And they will be! 

Save where you can 

Try & always remember your long-term vision when it comes to budgeting. When I first starting budgeting, I always had the fear I would miss out. In reality, I was setting myself up for my future. 

Whether it was making sure I could pay rent, or monitoring my credit score, having a great handle on your budget always feels good. If you need resources about credit score, or need help improving your credit score, head to Lexington Law

How do you save money while having a social life? Comment your tips below! & I can’t wait for you to check out Lexington Law


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5 Money Saving Secrets To Allow You To Have Fun, On A Budget

Avoiding spending money, while being social is one of the hardest things to do on a budget. These five tips will allow you to be social on a budget.

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