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6 Ways To Deal With Stress At Work And Be Less Miserable Your 9-5


Dealing with stress at work? No matter what type of business professional you are, there are likely some stressful elements. And especially if you are a girl boss (like, I know you are!), your ambitions are probably rising faster than you can say, “Let’s do this”! Dealing with a stressful work environment isn’t fun. You deserve to be thriving at work while still having a healthy mindset.

This isn’t something you might know about me…

This isn’t something I’ve EVER opened up about on this blog, but I actually really struggle with stress. In fact, there was a time where I couldn’t get through a work day without having a panic attack. It was…well, horrible. I’ve alluded to it before, but something happened in my life a few years ago that sent me into a swell of anxiety for years after.

One time, I remember going into a business meeting and all of a sudden, it was happening. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t see. Eventually, I pretended I had to go to the bathroom, heels, blazer and all and got through my panic attack there. There were countless incidences like this. So if anyone knows how to help you get through any sort of stress in your workday, it’s me.

One night I might open up more about this time in my life but for now… know that you can get through any stressful situation you are in. Trust me!

There’s so much out of your control

Often when you are stressed at work, there are factors that are out of your control. I have definitely been in that position. In some of my old jobs, I knew I was being laid off soon, was at a company that was just bought or couldn’t meet my sales numbers. My stress was through the roof and as I’ve mentioned before – I had to get scrappy to learn how to have a healthier mindset.

IMO, you absolutely should not have to go to work stressed every day. Even if you absolutely hate every part of your job and are looking for a new, you still don’t have to be miserable day in and day out. Whatever it is that is causing you stress, it’s not too big or too small to ever work on.

And how’s upcoming business professional boss betch supposed to run the world stressed out? In this post, I’m going to share my career advice for avoiding stress at work. Remember: you don’t have to be STRESSED AT WORK. Follow these steps to go to work with a mindful mindset: think, yoda with a blazer.

Basically…this will be us.


How To Deal With Stress At Work

Identify Your Triggers

Next time you feel like punching a wall on the job, try and figure out what triggered you. Was it a specific person. A specific incidence? At least for me, if I can understand why I’m getting stressed when I get stressed, I feel more in control.

Let’s say it’s a person and the way they react to you that stresses the heck out of you. Maybe someone is incredibly vindictive (not super surprising in the workplace) and every time they speak you want to gauge your eyes out.

Next time you enter a meeting with that person, have the expectation that they are going to suck. Don’t give them any more credit. If you know how they are going to act in advance, you can expect it and their frustrating nature can’t get in your way.

Find a Safe Space

Whenever I get stressed, I like to switch locations. So at work, if something triggers me, I try and get some fresh air. Or get some tea! Once you know what is causing you stress at work, as soon as that thing starts happening, start moving towards this safe space.

When I was dealing with bad panic attacks, I would simply step outside, change location, every time I felt one coming on. It worked almost every time to help handle the situation!

You can also download something like Headspace, or another meditation app. There are so many amazing ways you can move away from stress at work!

Come Up With a Routine

By nature of work, there will always be parts that you don’t like. That’s why it’s called work! And with things you don’t like, you’ll probably always find something that is stressful. Just by the fact that your paycheck is riding on whatever happens at work is deemed stressful. I mean, girl’s gotta pay rent!

Find something in your life that is not your job, that doesn’t make you money that you just love. For me, it’s either watching The Bachelor (or some equally as trashy tv shows like Pretty Little Lairs) or a ridiculously expensive workout class. Like Rumble or Barry’s Bootcamp. Find something in your life that you will always bring you a sense of joy with no strings attached.

When you are having a stressful moment in your job, or in the workplace, give yourself this “no strings attached activity”.

Be Able to Vocalize Your Feedback

Sometimes at work, I’ve figured out that people have no idea they are causing you stress. For example, in my first job ever I was an account manager for like 7, account executives. Literally every day I would get hundreds (I’m not kidding) of assignments from each account executive – and they all told me their assignment was the most important. Hint: they were all equally as important. I know way of prioritizing so I had a come to Jesus moment with this group. I made them prioritize their own work so I wouldn’t have to and poof – stress gone.

If there’s a way to tactfully organize your feedback: do it. Maybe a small change in your workflow can relieve lots of stress!

I learned one of the reasons I personally get stressed is when I feel out of control. I was at a company once where I knew other’s lay offs were coming and I spent my days feeling completely out of the loop and confused. The stress was painful. Being able to take control (think: taylor swift taking control of her narrative lol!), and start applying for jobs, updating my resume, etc. made me feel more in control. Like I could handle anything! This completely helped my stress.

Figure Out If It’s You or Them

Okay okay, before you get mad at me for saying this and shout out, “it’s not me!”, here me out. If you are getting stressed at work, it’s always caused by an outside factor. However, you are allowing yourself to be stressed by someone else. And it’s sucks! Someone’s making your life miserable and you have to learn to deal with it.

As I said in #1, figure out what’s causing your stress! And then find a safe space and go there. If you can’t do this, know that you need to work on your stress management tactics. And that’s on you!

Realize What You Are Learning

Whenever I’m in a crappy situation, I try and remember that this is GOOD FOR ME. Learning how to deal with people who are unpleasant or situations that are hard is sooo valuable.

The more you can spin your stressful job situation into a positive, the more appreciative you’ll be!

Which of these tips are going to try to in relieving stress at work? Tell me in the comments below!


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