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The 5 Self-Care Products Under $50 That Will Completely Transform Your Day To Day Routine, And Make You Happier – Vol 2


Attempting to juggle three jobs has amplified my need a solid self-care routine more than like, ever. That combined with the fact that I noticed my crow’s feet for the first time the other day (thank you…gravity), has gotten me researching skin care, doing meditation and starting to really work on being healthier.

I want to hate myself for being “that girl” but then I remember how amazing I feel and genuinely DK.

If you want to read volume 1 of my favorite self-care products, click here!

Here’s What Happens When I Let Go Of Self-Care…

In general, I definitely used to struggle with making time for self-care. I have a 1.5-2 hour commute to work, so I often find myself hustling out of bed and not making any time for myself.

The other week I found myself so stressed that I was definitely breaking out, feeling so tired and burnt out. (I literally spent my Friday night watching friends because my zit was so big)! Ew.

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, I land myself back into my self-care routine and voila! I’m good as new. I truly believe in ALWAYS in adding new self-care products into the routine, you can never have too much! This is only volume 2, but I’m definitely continue to share my favorite self-care products that will be GAME CHANGERS to your routine.

ALSO, I get soooo much of my self-care inspo from The Skinny Confidential if you ever want any more inspo. Her morning routine podcast is basically my #goals. 

Self-care activities and ideas, I found these products on Amazon and use them regularly. They are amazing and will change your life! Give yourself this "me time" with these ideas for self-care routines! This will help your mental health too!

Here Are The 5 Self-Care Products I’m Loving Right Now

Tea Tree Oil

YES! I got this tip from the Skinny Confidential and immediately purchased this off of Amazon. Tea tree oil can be used as the makeup remover and on zits. As I said, I’m totally victim to getting stress based acne and have been trying putting this on my face when I feel / see a good ‘ol zit coming on. I love that it’s all natural and doesn’t make my skin super dry and flakey like so many other spot treatments. I also put it on some of my scars on my body because it’s supposed to help with that, too!

I’ve only been using it for a few weeks as a scar remover so I’ll report back soon on that one but I can say for sure it helped with just overall skin toning and acne.

Mugs I can Actually Relate To

My blogger friend, Bubbly Becca, actually has her own Etsy shop where she makes the cutest mugs. I don’t know about ya’ll but I LITERALLY CAN NOT drink out of a mug without a cute phrase on it. Something about waking up, getting my coffee and then having the cutest mug just helps me start off my day off right. The mug in the cover photo is from the shop, how freaking cute!

Sheet Masks

If you followed my skincare story, you know that after I got the IUD – my skin decided to go through puberty again and have awwwwful acne. I started seeing a facialist who has been a godsend in helping my skin look back to normal! Because I am DESPERATE to have my pre-IUD skin back, I’ve gone a bit crazy with the skincare routine things.

I will say after doing research and going a bit psycho for the past 3-4 weeks, plus a recent facial, I’m actually wearing less makeup to work for the first time in months!!

Currently: I’m obsessssssssed with sheet masks. They totally help me skin just look more fresh and happy, especially when I’m feeling tired. My facialist told me you can literally use a sheet mask every day, unlike a clay mask where you have to do it every few days or else you’ll over exfoliate.

The same woman who has done my facials actually has her own sheet mask kit on Amazon and I feel so confident that she vetted them!

And honestly, I went to buy a sheet mask out and about and they were WAY more expensive like this. I feel like 6 for 20 is such a deal!

Self-care activities and ideas, I found these products on Amazon and use them regularly. They are amazing and will change your life! Give yourself this "me time" with these ideas for self-care routines! This will help your mental health too!

^ how cute are these sheet mask packets?

Probiotics & Collagen/Gelatin Pills

I’ve been REALLY getting on the vitamin train, lately.

After my facialist suggested probiotics, I started taking them daily. I guess the status of your GUT health affects everything in your body – so putting the good bacteria back in your gut, re: a probiotic helps your skin. My facialist mentioned she thought some of my skin issues was bacteria based (gross) and probiotics have actually helped so much.

It’s been about 2 months now and my skin has been so much better since. Additionally, probiotics is great for your gut health. Especially when I’m stressed, I get crippling stomach aches, and since I started taking probiotics – it has barely hurt!

I used to tell the gummy probiotics (because I’m a 5-year-old) BUT I feel like those didn’t work as well as the ones I linked. In the picture above, I actually have ZERO make up on, which is crazy!

Secondly, I’ve started taking collagen/gelatin pills! You heard me say in my skincare article that the REASON our skin ages is because it loses collagen. We can try and repair it externally, but giving your body internal collagen is great too.

I had collagen powder I was putting in my coffee, but it kept getting clunky and tasting soooo bad! I’d rather just swallow a pill and be done with it.

Lemon Juice

This self-care habit has been in my routine for a while, but I can’t get enough! Lemon juice is my go-to.

I get pretty grossed out with the store bought juices when I see the sugar and calories on the back! Not because I’m counting calories, but because I try and not have them 100% in my juice. I’m literally the worst at drinking water so having some sort of flavored juice does wonders for me.

Lemon juice is amazing, it is

  • Detoxifying for your body – and it’s a no sugar juice!
  • Good for your skin
  • An appetite depressant (I love drinking a glass before a meal)

What are your favorite self-care products? Comment below!

Self-care is hard to manage! Try these activities and ideas to feel amazing! I found these products on Amazon and use them regularly for self-care, they've rocked my world! They are amazing and will change your life! Give yourself this "me time" with these ideas for self-care routines! This will help your mental health too!

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This post contains affiliate links which means that if a link is clicked on/product is the purchase, I may be compensated. I ONLY include products that I use and genuinely love! Thank you for supporting T20S!

Self-care activities and ideas, I found these products on Amazon and use them regularly. They are amazing and will change your life! Give yourself this "me time" with these ideas for self-care routines! This will help your mental health too!


  1. Hey girl I love your blog!!! Also, I too struggle with making time for self care! I am always so stressed and just hustling around, which leaves me super anxious. I love that you chose mugs that you can relate to, I swear a GOOD quote on a mug helps me start my day off so much better!

    • Oh my gosh thank you love!! <3 Me too!! I literally sometimes am running to the bus stop in heels (a 15 minute walk LOL) because I'm so late. I am trying to vow to be more on time which means just not thinking I'm some sort of super hero that can get places super super quickly. And Yes! I'm literally drinking coffee out of a mug that says "caffeine queen" right now and it makes me sooo happy!!

  2. I’ve gotta look into a good probiotic. I always forget when i’m at the store. I also want to try a sheet mask; they sound so relaxing!

  3. I’m guessing that if I visit Etsy for some of these mugs, my cupboards will be FULL! Love these items!

  4. Wow, that commute sounds awful! Mine is about 5 minutes – if that – and I STILL feel like I have no time for self care! I’m trying to make more time for it though, even if it just means getting into bed a bit earlier to do some reading. Every little thing counts!

    • Right!! 🙂 I read last night actually and LOVED it but that was the first time in ages! I also just bought anti blue light glasses (lolol) which can totally help with the whole screens before bed thing!

    • Ahh yes!! I hear its a good yoga mat cleaner – I’m going to try that today! I actually have been using it as a toner / scar remover and it seems to be super clarifying so far!

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