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Dear Millennials, Why Are We So Busy All The Time?


Have you noticed that literally, everyone around you seems painfully busy? Day after day I open my Instagram feed to see bloggers and friends alike preaching their self-care routines, digital detoxes and burn out tips. People are calling us the burnout generation when in reality, we’ve never known anything else.

(The irony of these posts is that most of these bloggers are working their asses off in a side hustle to make money. Most likely, they have full-time jobs, too).

It feels like everyone around me is beyond a level of frantic that any one person can handle. And no one else is to blame but us. Us millennials, yes us, made busy cool. 

This Is Why Millennials Are Stressed

You heard me, busy is the new cool. Somewhere in the crossfire of social media, being always on, the term being labeled FOMO and blue light that likely keeps us up all night – it became lame to simply relax on a Friday night.

When you go talk to a friend, maybe over a glass of wine, and say, “hey friend, how are you?!” What do most respond? Do they simply say, “I’m great. I got so much rest this weekend and didn’t drink myself into a blackout, I feel great.” Nope, most likely, they said, “I’m fine, I’ve been traveling for work, got two hours of sleep this entire weekend and feel like I could fall over because I’m so exhausted.” Sound familiar?

And you probably respond that you can relate. You don’t understand why your job requires so much work, while you try and start a business on the side, take online courses, or any number of other things that are making your life busy.

Millennials Are the Burnout Generation

And we feel like we have to do all of these extra things. We’re actually choosing to do them, choosing to be stressed, and choosing to be unbelievably busy – but we’ll get to that later.

But if you do take a moment to yourself, maybe a Saturday night with Gilmore Girls or a good book, the overwhelming feeling of FOMO steadily creeps over your body. It feels like you are the last one chosen for kickball back in grade school and the rectangular device next to your bed is the insecure voice inside your said letting you know you should be doing more.

Our constant crave for stimulation from social media, videos, pictures, and everything in between has cause ordinary tasks to seem mundane.

We Have To Stop Making Busy Cool

Being busy IS cool. And even though we joke about binging for 10 hours on Netflix on the weekends, the reality is – it feels like we’re working harder than ever.

And it has to stop. We have to stop making busy cool. 

I started thinking about why the heck it feels like everyone around me was in this race to burn out. Until recently, I would find myself constantly in a state of tears. I was late to everything and wondering if I will have any friends left after working myself into oblivion.  My stress levels were so high that others around me were actually worried. Or asking me how I do “it all” (surprise: I don’t, I really really don’t).

Yep, I was one of them. I have three jobs. I feel like I’m supposed to be busy at all times. The pressure I put on myself to stretch the hours in a day farther than the jeans I try and squeeze in from 11th grade, was comical.

And I’m not the only one who thinks that. If you Google, “are millennials stressed” there are a comical number of articles that come up. There are surveys upon surveys about how WE are more stressed than everyone else.

Millennials have made busy "cool" and are known as the burnout generation. Here's why and what we can do about it to reduce our stress levels!

What We Can Do About It

It seems like few are talking about WHY and what we need to start doing about it. I’m here to explain that. We’ve made it so in our conversations, online, and everything else, we’ve made busy cool. We’re providing solutions to being burn out and stressed out of our minds (myself included!) without practicing what we preach.

There’s always another trend, another platform, another event that we have to go to.

Here’s my challenge to you, let’s STOP talking about how busy we are. Let’s stop making busy cool. We’re choosing to be the burnout generation and we can stop it.

It starts with us. Let’s stop talking and obsessing about how busy we are.

Try these 10 things to one by one, stop being part of the burn out generation. You can stop making busy cool, and in conjunction, help everyone around you.

Try These 5 Things Top Stop Being A Part Of The Burnout Generation

  • When someone asks you how you are, STOP talking about how busy you are, how tired you are, etc. Everyone is busy and everyone is tired – we don’t need to glorify it.
  • Talk about, write about, and be social about how much you love relaxing – if that’s something you actually love. Allow that to be said, shared and liked.
  • If you’re not one of those people who knows how to relax, learn.
  • Understand that stress has larger consequences that you can ever realize to your body and your health. No one deserves that.
  • Find something that’s all yours. Working out? Sitting on the couch? Allow it to be yours and embrace it.

I can’t wait for us to stop making busy cool. We all deserve to make relaxing cool, and anything in between.

Do you feel like being busy is cool? Comment below!

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