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Free Resources From The Typical Twenty Something

I’m so excited to share these free resources with you! Below you’ll find a resume template, a power verbs list & a self-care calendar that I use to keep track of my life! It’s normal for things to get stressful, so no fear, go ahead and get all of these resources here. 

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Career resources: 


Free Resume Template – That Helped Me Get Four Job Offers In 3 Months. 

So here’s the deal with this resume template. I hear from so many of YOU who have questions regarding how to format your resume, and the reality is – IT’S SIMPLE. It’s more about the great content you put in your resume, rather than some graphic-design format that you saw online. 

What is special about this template, it gives you suggestions on the content. How many numbers to put in, how many details about each job, the works. This is the most important part of your resume. It also shows how neat your resume should be. In an ideal world, your resume is perfectly formatted – and that’s what this resume will show you. 

Want a resume template in a word doc that’s editable?! I’ll be selling them soon. Check back in my “shop” tab. 

A Complete List Of Power Verbs To Use On Your Resume

WTF is a power verb, you might ask? A power verb is the LIST of words that you need to start using your resume. The list of words that make sure all of your hard worked accomplishments make you sound like a total bad a$$ (that we both know you are). Download this worksheet so your resume writer’s block is completely non-existent. You’ll thank me later! 

Self Care Resources:

FREE Self-Care Reset Worksheet + a 21 Day Habit Forming Self-Care Calendar

Alright, so you don’t want to miss these free resources, here are they again (louder, for the people in the back)

  1. Free resume template:
  2. Free power verbs worksheet:
  3. A 7 day self care RESET worksheet:

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