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The Step-By-Step Guide To Landing A New Job Fast, Resume Templates Included


So you want a new job, eh?! Whether you already have a gig and are ready for a change or are embarking on your first career journey, I wanted to compile ALL of my favorite career resources, free templates, etc. to make it super easy for YOU to get the job of your dreams.

Let’s be REAL, we all are trying to avoid having to call our mom’s begging asking nicely for this month’s rent check. As much as my Jewish mother would probably go as far as eating bacon to have me needing her again, I’d literally rather be banned from my favorite bar than not be self-sufficient.

Step 1: Here Are The 3 Questions You Need To Figure Out the Next Step In Your Career

Do you ever find yourself sitting in a cubicle, bored out of your mind at work thinking, “this is just not how I pictured it”!? One time, I LITERALLY yelled the f-word in the bathroom of a company because I was just THAT miserable.

Did you ever realize that work actually takes up the majority of our life? OMFG. The forty hour work week seems like the abnormal nowadays, while 50-60 feels like the new normal. That’s LITERALLY, YEARS of our life working! I can’t. I needed to feel more fulfilled and after consulting with my therapist thinking hard, I came up with these steps!

Here are the THREE QUESTIONS that helped me figure out what I needed as my next step in life, I also wrote a full post on this topic if you wanted to read!


IMO, our purpose in life can change over time so I don’t want to seek out just ONE purpose. But I do want to live WITH a purpose, which is what these questions and this process helped me do.

 Step 2: Get In Touch With Your Dream Company!

So many people blinding submit a resume without any follow-up – which is frankly the standard practice for job applications.

BUT, you can stand apart from the crowd.

If you follow this ONE strategy, your resume will get snatched out of the thousands sending their applications into the hiring managers desk. I’m not trying to be dramatic (ok, I am), but I’ve gotten interviews at places like Twitter & Box with this trick (to name a few) by doing this. The best part? It takes less than 30 minutes.

I should mention, this is probably the most VALUABLE tip of them all – I’ve gotten interviews at massive companies with this method. Steps below!

  • Immediately after you submit your resume, hop on your LinkedIn and search for the company you just applied to.
  • Click on the button that shows the employees on LinkedIn.
  • Click on those employees and filter by the job title you are applying to
  • Now your GOAL is to find a hiring manager or someone in recruiting, or even better – both! Reach out to 2-5 people at the company to let them know you’ve applied. You can follow THIS email template.

There’s a full step-by-step guide on just this topic (it’s fool-proof, I swear), see this post!

Step 3: Create a Great Resume

Raise your hands if you think resumes are confusing AF. Isn’t it crazy that you could be the perfect candidate for a job, yet, your resume could put you out of the running?

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I love resumes. I think it’s because I truly do believe that there is a formula and certain tweaks you can do to get you in the door. We all know that YOU are capable of doing the job, so what can you do to make sure the recruiters and employers know you are?!

I outlined 7 resume HACKS that will ensure your resume doesn’t totally suck is freaking great. If this is your first job ever, follow this guide!

As a bonus, here’s the resume template that landed me FOUR job offers in under a month (after being laid off) and my list of must-use words in your resume to catch a company’s eye!

(They are PDFs, so they’ll be sent directly to your inbox!!)

Do AWESOME In the Job Interview

The job interview is inevitably the most stressful part of landing yourself a new gig. The idea of being thrown a slew of confusing corporate jargon is enough to make most people’s stomach flip.

Even though you may have made a fool-proof resume, that is only the first step to landing yourself the job of your dreams. You should never go into a job interview unprepared, basically leaving yourself open to be blind-sighted.

There are several things that you can do when PREPARING for a job interview to eliminate the unknown, make a BOMB impression and ultimately give yourself the best shot to be chosen for that role. 

When I first started interviewing, I actually would write up 5-10 pages of TYPED notes prepping for interviews. I wasn’t interviewing for some CEO position, I was just prepared.

And let me tell you…it WORKED.

In this guide, I include all the places I do research before interviewing, how I find out what the person ACTUALLY does at their company, and some great questions to ask at the end of an interview.

Dress the Part

While getting a new might make you so nervous you are putting maxi pads under your armpits you can’t sleep the night before, the LAST thing you should have to worry about is what to wear. My favorite? Be comfortable, stylish and NOT memorable. Yes, I just defied every blogger’s goal – NOT memorable outfits. Why? When I’m interviewing, I want someone to remember me for what I have to say, and not what I wear.

Click HERE to see my full guide (along with some of my favorite brands) on how to dress like a CEO, and on a budget!

(P.S. If you want a FREE $1000 a Nordstrom, see below)!

As a BONUSSSSS, here are few [free!!] templates that I have used to get jobs and interviews!

Resume Template

Must Use Words To Use In Your Resume

Here's a full guide on how to land a new job quickly with these 5 tips! This career advice includes free template for your job application!

Here's a full guide on how to land a new job quickly with these 5 tips! This career advice includes free template for your job application!


  1. Great tips! I really need to get better at networking – while I’m pretty happy in my current job, it’d be good to know what other opportunities are out there and reaching out would be a good thing to do!

  2. Using LinkedIn to connect with people is KEY – that’s actually how I managed to land my dream job in fashion, so yes, it really does make all the difference.

  3. I just landed a job, and the entire process always stresses me out no matter how many times I have to do it. Interviewing is always the most intimidating part for me! I make typed up notes before I go into interviews too! I’m glad I’m not alone.

  4. If only that had been the case when I was looking at jobs after head school haha. Sometimes finding a job and getting through the process can be very difficult, but these are great tips to set yourself up to get there!

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