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How To Create A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe (Hint: You Can Walk A Mile In These Shoes)


Any aspiring boss lady needs a wardrobe that’s filled with business casual attire. The problem is, work clothes can be expensive. If you create a capsule wardrobe, you’ll be able to mix and match pieces easily to ensure. I love business casual outfits because you can be comfortable, confident and look like the boss you are.

Here’s the thing: 93% of communication is NON-VERBAL. The way people perceive you in the workplace is going to happen likely before you start talking. The best thing you can do for yourself is looking professional and hold yourself well – which is why you need a business casual capsule wardrobe. If you are headed to a conference and need a fancier outfit, here are more outfit ideas.

I like these outfits because you can wear them regardless of your work environments. Everyone’s is different, but looking at a boss – at work is important. Finding casual wardrobes for your closet is essential.

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How To Create A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

How To Create A Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe

A Black Blazer

A black blazer is the best piece for your business casual capsule wardrobe. A black blazer is so versatile for any businesswoman. I like wearing a blazer with jeans or dress pants, and you can put any shirt under it. I think a blazer is so cute with a t-shirt under or even a silk shirt.

This black blazer is under $40. I actually own this blazer and LOVE it! It’s a little long, but you can always alter it. You can buy this blazer here from Amazon – it ships so fast and is a great material. You definitely will need it iron it, but overall an affordable piece.

Faux Silk Tops

I love a plain top that looks fancier – because you can pair it with anything. That’s why you need a faux silk top in different colors to wear with jeans or dress pants. I personally love to tuck in my faux silk tops, maybe with a little flow, because they are so flattering. This is my favorite one, it’s super affordable and from Amazon!

You need a faux silk top (that you don’t need to dry clean) in your business capsule wardrobe.

Block Heels

Block heels are my favorite work shoe. I’ll be honest, I have the ugliest feet, and these shoes make my shoes look so cute and flattering. I’ve NEVER said this with another shoe. I need a work shoe I can wear with jeans or with dress pants – and can walk in.

You can buy these off of Amazon and they are great quality. I’ve walked miles in these! They are so perfect for a business casual wardrobe.

Black High Waisted Pants

Ok, if you buy anything from this post, BUY THESE PANTS. Black pants are so versatile and these pants are under $40. I like that you can wear these with a cotton t-shirt, or a silk top to dress this up or down.  The link I added is from Amazon, and they are so cute and great quality. Also, they go in the wash and don’t need to be ironed.


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A Black Work Bag

Every business casual capsule wardrobe needs a work bag to hold your computer. It’s versatile because you can wear it to your everyday work, or to a meeting. This is under $30 bucks, and I wear mine every day and its fantastic quality. I can’t wait for you to try this bag – my friends also bought it and love it as well. I love the gold accents as well, it makes it a little fancier.

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Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe Outfits

Here is me in some of the pieces (the pants and shoes!!) in this article!

Best business casual outfits for work, business casual wardrobe, blazers business casual,

A Blazer, T-Shirt, and Sneakers

Ok, a blazer, t-shirt, and sneakers is the EASIEST business casual outfit. I love that you can put this blazer with literally everything – and on a Friday at work when you want to dress down – you can totally still look professional with this blazer.

Try wearing loafers as work sneakers with jeans, and a blazer. This is the cutest way to style your wardrobe for a more comfortable, walkable outfit.

Block Heels, Dress Pants and a Silk Top

If you are going to something more formal for work, try this business casual outfit. My work is more business casual work – that this outfit is more formal. I like tucking in a silk top with a work pant and heels, and strutting down the street like I own the place.

A Sweater, Jeans and Block Heels

If it’s cold where you live, try wearing your normal casual sweater and jeans, but with a block heel. How freaking cute! I love that these are a good transition outfit, that’s still business casual but also more fun and formal.

A Silk Top, Jeans, And a Cute Work Bag

Adding in a bag, especially when you are walking into a meeting, is one of my favorites tricks for looking business casual. Try mixing and matching your regular clothes, with a work bag to look chic at work. You can even wear a black pump with this! This is such a great outfit and it takes clothes out of your wardrobe.

I hope you love these casual capsule wardrobe outfits, there are so many great ideas!


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Best business casual outfits for work



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    • Hiiii love! You are so sweet! And YES!!! I will do this tomorrow for you and add them into the post. XOXO!

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