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How To Have A Dog And Work Full Time


Do you work a 9-5 and are considering getting a dog? If you follow this blog, you know that I love dogs (like, really love them) and have a full-time job.

My love for dogs isn’t just some puppy love either, I literally LOVE THEM. I’ve cried when I see a cute dog on the street and frequently hope my neighbor’s dog is out to play with me.

The times in my life that I really wanted a dog was honestly the time in my life that I was lonely. I think I was trying to replace friends or a boyfriend (when I was single) with the idea of getting a dog.

In turn, I thought I would be able to solve all my problem by getting an animal, and truly thought about it and that wasn’t the case. In my case, I discovered I could find happiness in other ways (read this post!), but there is a lot of research that shows dogs can give you happiness.

If you are considering becoming pet parents, read this!

In full transparency, I don’t own a dog. I want one but had to figure out my expenses (I’ll detail this below) in addition to my time management (also below), which did not allow me to own a dog. There have been many points in my life where’ve I’ve seriously considered getting a dog.

One day, I’ll probably buckle down and invest in the world’s cutest pup, but until then, I’m here to share how you can own a dog and work full time. It certainly is possible, you have to know the right tricks in order to make it feasible for you.

Although dogs bring so much joy – you don’t always think about the stress they bring as well. And who wants more stress in their life!?

If you’re like me an work a 9-5 (and work hard!), you really have to consider how your schedule allows you to have a dog and work full time. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but there are a few things to consider.

I feel bad for dogs that are not getting all the love they deserve. My goal in this post is to give you an honest opinion on how you can get a dog if you want one. You never want to feel guilty owning a dog, that would totally defeat the purpose!

See below to see how you can have a dog and work full time.

How To Have A Dog And Work Full Time

How can you deal with getting a dog while working full time? This post explores it all, how you can have a full time job while having a dog.

Find a Dog-Friendly Office

Offices these days are so fun (and millennials are asking for more at work!), but not all offices are dog-friendly. If you get a dog and work full time, it’s significantly easier to work with your dog – by bringing your dog to work. It’s worth asking (if you don’t already know) the rules around bringing your dog to the office and in your building! There are definitely some offices that only allow therapy dogs, or have to make restrictions around other people’s allergies.

If your dog is allowed in the office, great! Consider how many meetings or calls you have in a day. Or how you can handle if people will be coming up to your desk asking to pet your dog throughout the day. Bringing your dog can work can come with a myriad of distractions, so consider that before getting a dog. But you absolutely can make it work. You may just need to train your dog around an office.

If you can’t bring a dog in, consider how flexible your office is about working from home occasionally.

Use Dog Walkers (There’s an App For That!)

Most major cities have amazing apps that will help you get your dog walked (like Rover or Wag!). Leaving a dog during the day is hard. These apps will allow you to take care of your dog while being on the go, which is kind of incredible if you ask me. The ability to have someone send you pictures of your dog getting taken out through the day while working full time is truly one of the best inventions of our time. Every dog needs a potty break and there are so many hours a day for you to do it!

You can also hire a dog walker, there are also suggestions on NextDoor of great and affordable walkers in the city. Everyone needs some good ol walkin!  Especially if you have a busy day at work, or cannot bring your dog to the office, you’ll need to consider really focusing on getting your dog taken out through the day.

Use a Dog Speaker – Yes, Talk Mid-Day To Your Pup

There are so many cute inventions nowadays that allows you to watch and communicate with your pup throughout the day. For example, there’s one toy I saw on SharkTank that allows you to give your dog a treat with your voice throughout the day. That probably makes the dog so happy!

I love the idea of getting to check in on my dog throughout the day, it makes me feel like the dog would be so much less lonely. Dogs are certainly capable of hanging out by themselves during the day, but I imagine it’s easier if they know their owner is nearby.

Find Doggy Day Care

If you are going away for the weekend or have a business trip, you’ll need to make sure you have doggy daycare for your dog. This is a way to make sure your dog has a place to stay while you’re gone. Before you get a dog and if you work 9-5, make sure you consider these costs and if there’s doggy daycare nearby. I know there are a few cute, safe ones in San Francisco.

This might also help your dog get potty trained, by having some sort of schedule for your dog every day!

Take An Hour Long Lunch To Walk Your Dog

What is your office’s lunch schedule like, and how far away from your office do you live? If possible, if you get a dog and you work full time -definitely make sure you can run home during lunch to give your pup a little love. Puppies are a LOT of work (more than adult dogs) so it’s worth considering how flexible you can be during those first few weeks. This also gives you quality time with your dog.

You can even try coming to work an hour or two earlier in the morning to make sure you get everything done if you have to run home during lunch. Once your dog has all their shots and is trained, I imagine that you will be able to take much more time off!

Workout With Your Dog

Make sure that you are able to make time to be active with your dog once you bring it home. Depending on the type of dog, and the breed, it might tons of exercise! All puppies are notoriously hyper, so it’s crucial you tire it out. Especially if you live in a place where it’s nice outside (hello, CA!) bringing a dog outside for your exercise is a great way to give it exercise too. Make sure you have a plan for walking your dog, giving it exercise, and tiring it out.

Some other ideas to exercise with your dog are to going to a dog park, making sure your apartment building, and finding dog friends. Or any of the ideas above will help you give it exercise! This also makes a dog staying home during the day easier.

I also like the idea of working out with a dog because it makes your working hours before productive, while your dog can exercise at home.

Plan Out Your Time

Dogs take a lot of work, let me repeat that dogs take A LOT of work! If you are going to get a dog, realistically think about how much time you have to take care of it. I have a low tolerance for dog owners who don’t spend enough time with their dogs.

A few things to think about:

  • Are you always tired after work? Or can make time to play and take out your dog? A working day can make this difficult!
  • Why do you want a dog? To get rid of stress? Are you ready to play with it on the weekends?
  • Do you have the time to hang out with it on the weekends?

Think About Your Finances

Dogs are so expensive! If this isn’t something you’ve thought about yet, while, start thinking about it.

Figuring out how to pay for a dog (toys, dog food, insurance, dog walkers), is no easy task. I’ve heard so many people be surprised by unexpected vet bills, or pet insurance going up. Personally, I would not get a dog if my work didn’t have pet insurance or whatnot, you need to make sure you can keep this animal in good health.

Make sure you really budget your expenses before getting a dog, it will save you a lot of strife and work.

Get Pet Insurance

If something (god forbid!) happens to your dog, you need to be able to take care of it – and from what I’ve heard, vet bills are EXPENSIVE! The last thing you want is not to be able to take care of this pet you love so many, so make sure you are really doing research about if your 9-5 offers pet insurance. Most do nowadays, which is honestly amazing!

Do you have a dog while working a 9-5? Overall, there are definitely ways that you can get a dog while working full time, you just need to think about these tips beforehand. Having a dog can be a major source of stress, or a major resolution of stress, especially as a working girl. I want you all to understand all the facts if you are working hard as 9-5er, with a dog, so figuring out what your office situation, finances and everything else is so important!

Share your tips below!


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How can you deal with getting a dog while working full time? This post explores it all, how you can have a full time job while having a dog.

How can you deal with getting a dog while working full time? This post explores it all, how you can have a full time job while having a dog.


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