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Five Things You Can Learn From My First Year Blogging: The Secret To Fast Success


Happy 1-year blogaversary to The Typical Twenty Something! If you’re reading this, THANK YOU for the unconditional support over the last year. I have absolutely loved blogging with you all!

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I will say – blogging for a year has not always been easy. It’s been challenging both physically and mentally, but it’s also taught me more than I could have imagined.

Why Did I Start T20S?

To give you some background, I actually work three jobs. I work at a massive Silicon Valley company in sales. And although there are parts of my job that I love, I found myself craving consistency and ownership as I entered adulthood. I wanted to be a fish in my own pond, a rare reality when working for someone else.

That, combined with a traumatic life event that sparked crippling anxiety, made it clear that I would find happiness by finding something to fill me up regardless of what was going on in my brain.

So, two years ago, I decided to find a hobby and became a spin instructor. I was *hoping* that a hobby would scratch this itch I needed for something outside of work. And it did, for the 40 minutes a week that I was teaching. I still actually teach spin (come to my class if you’re in SF!) and love every minute of it.

With spin only being 40 minutes a week, I still found myself wanting more. Specifically, something that would allow me to hang out alone (something I was always terrible at) and free me from the transiency of friends that is omnipresent in our 20s.

Enter blogging. I was actually a journalism major in college, interned at Condé Nast all throughout my undergrad years.

Being a journalism major, we actually learned a lot of print journalism (and unfortunately not a ton that was applicable to the real world). Stepping out into the workforce knowing absolutely nothing about digital infuriated me (so much that I actually wrote a letter to the Dean of my college that is still referenced years later).

It got me thinking…why aren’t there more resources to help us figure out our 20s? Why did I have to still call my mom (love ya mommy) when I was filling out a W2 for work?! We’re pretty much handheld until we are 22 and then all of a sudden, poof! We’re supposed to know how to figure out the rest of our lives?

That’s where T20S began!

Have My Favorite Moments of Blogging Been So Far?

I was honestly so surprised when I started seeing anyone pay attention to my blog. My favorite moments (and by far the most powerful) have been when someone reached out me letting me know that something I wrote helped them get through a hard time. Or made them feel less alone! That’s what I want T20S to be all about…our 20’s are hard enough as it is, the last thing we should have to do is go at it alone.

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What Have I Learned?

SO much! I’ve made so many mistakes (it’s comical really) in the last year. I’ve gone through three different themes, changed hosters and even switched the name of my blog. Ultimately, the biggest things I learned were…

It’s not other people’s job to like you, it’s your job to like you – I spent a lot of time in the last year worrying if other people would like what I had to say. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to let those worries go and just be me, and trust that people would relate to my honesty.

Numbers are just numbers – There was a time where I spent hours pouring over every detail of numbers in relation to my blog. There are some numbers that are directive to how we should be focusing our time, but there are others that will naturally fluctuate – and is completely unrelated to me.

It sounds cheesy but goes with your gut – When I first started researching blogging, I was so overwhelmed with all of the advice! I should have gone with my gut more. If a tool felt too complicated or hard to use, it probably was. In those cases, I should have found something easier.

How Can You Start a Blog, and Should You?

I would absolutely recommend blogging to anyone that is inspired and wants to start one! More importantly, find a hobby that you love will change your every day. You deserve to find the most happiness. If you find that through blogging, GREAT – I’m confident that you will!


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Blogging for one year has been absolutely amazing. I have learned so much! Here is what I've learned from my first year of blogging.


  1. Happy blogversary! I also try not to stress out over numbers. It is a hard lesson to learn, though!

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