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Need help with your resume? Not getting the jobs you want? Not hearing back from companies to get interviews? It sounds like you need RESUME COACHING. I provide 1-hour resume coaching, in addition, to resume editing. After working with me,  you will start hearing back from jobs and get the interview of your dreams.

After purchasing, you’ll get an email from me within 24 hours with times/days that we can coordinate to talk. We can do this coaching at night, or on the weekends PST.



Don’t have time for a video conference? Want a budget option for a resume review, with the same amazing tips and tricks of a phone conversation? This resume audit is for you. 

In option, I will:

  • Full review and provide line by line feedback on your resume 
  • Provide tips and templates for structure 
  • Share information about phrasing specific to your job field 

My resume audits are proven to get interviews and get noticed by recruiters. Just read my testimonials for proof! If you have questions as always, email me at [email protected] 


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