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You Won’t Be Poor If You Start Renting Clothes Instead of Buying Them


In a summer of weddings, work events and constant ‘gramming, making sure that there is some sort of variety in your outfits is near impossible unless you literally grow money on trees. Good thing I created my own app, went public and got bought by some fabulous tech company….psychhhh, I’m on a budget. That’s why renting clothes has literally allowed me to look like I have new clothes all the freaking time.


If you’re anything like me, you love to shop. It’s so easy to feel great in a brand new outfit. When you’re craving that new outfit constantly, Le Tote is the best possible answer. Similar to many other subscription boxes, Le Tote is unique in that you can WEAR the clothes without buying them. You start by taking a style quiz and explaining what types of clothes your craving (you can always email the company if you have an event coming up and needs something specific. Then, by paying between $39 – $79 per month (depending on how many boxes you want), you get a box full of clothes and accessories. As mentioned, you can wear the clothes as many times as you want and don’t have to buy them Just simply borrow and send back. Rinse, repeat, look cute AF.


I always thought after college and the endless sorority formal and functions, I wouldn’t need new dresses constantly. Clearly, I forgot about office Christmas parties, speaking at conferences, and weddings. It became clear that once I didn’t have 200 other sorority girls’ closets to raid, I would need to find a more affordable solution.  That’s where Rent the Runway comes in. Rent the Runway allows you to borrow gorgeous, fancy dresses for annnnnnnny occasion. You are able to rent for four or eight days, prices are aslow as $35 to rent! One of the best part? They give you TWO sizes, so you can confirm the dress will fit for your special occasion.


It’s no secret that handbags are expensive AND you need so many different types. Clutches for going out, totes for work, weekend bags for travel…the list goes on! I was so excited to learn that, Bag Borrow or Steal, let’s you rent designer handbags. Bags that normally cost hundreds (or thousands, let’s be honest) can be yours for a month for just a little over $100. Brands range from Prada to Louis Vuitton to Chloe…the list goes on. This website is a window shopping heaven.

Let’s sew that hole in our wallets up and start renting instead of buying.



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