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The Seven Solo Dates You Can Take Yourself On, Even If You Are a Broke Twenty-Something


One of the things I rarely feel as a twenty-something is alone. 👉 I just moved in with my boyfriend and his two best friends, commute on a bus with my co-workers and sit in a sales office full of day-long meetings and client pitches. 

One weekend, my boyfriend was out of town and shortly after I lost my best friends to a silly fight, I was forced to hang out alone. I literally had so much anxiety.

Pacing around my room, with no friends in sight and I realized I had no idea how to hang out alone. Or what to do when I was alone. I had never been on a solo date with myself before and yet if I wanted to leave the house, that is what I would have to do. 

Ever been in a similar situation? Finding a way to hang out alone is not easy, but it’s certainly worth it and is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a twenty-something.

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Maybe you’re reading this post because all of your friends are out of town this weekend. Maybe, you just moved to a new city. You could be just bored. Or broke. Or both.

Either way, I’m BEYOND THRILLED you want to hang out with the most fabulous person in the world…YOU. Hugging Face

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I am a huge proponent of treating yourself and loving yourself. It took me a while to realize that you could love yourself all you want but hanging out alone is a whole different ballgame. 👉

I was always SO jealous when seeing friends sit at home, not waiting for a friend to call them, just content for hours on end. I could never think of what to do when hanging out alone.

When I First Started to Take Myself on Solo Dates:
  • I was so nervous what people would think of me
  • Feeling awkward was a norm
  • I realized I had SO many thoughts! (like so many thoughts) 

It took me a bit of time to realize that A. all of this is normal and B. being alone is such a RARITY that it takes time to get used to it. So cut yourself some slack and read below to see the seven things you must try when hanging out alone.

Here Are Seven Solo Date Ideas 👉

>> Online Tutorials

Yup. Become best friends with YouTube. Learning how to build Rome do a side braid doesn’t happen in a day. One of my favorite things to do when hanging out alone is to do some makeup or hair tutorials. It always reminds me of when I was a kid and first playing with makeup, I could stay busy for hours. But also, if my IG pictures can look a little better by having cool AF hair, why the heck not. 

PLUS, it will help prepare me for all my summer weddings. 

>> Clean Out Your Room

Nothing says refreshing like a clean living space. If you’re anything like me, you love to shop and live in a crowded apartment. In your day to hang out alone, light a candle, put on a Netflix show and taking the time to clean out your closet. 

If you want to make some extra cash, consider selling your old clothes on a place like Poshmark.

TBH, I do this like once every few months, sell my clothes and then buy one new thing with all the consignment money. It’s so fun and such a great way to spend the night alone.

>> Explore The Outdoors

Especially when I first moved to San Francisco AND when I interned in NYC, I would go on solo “urban” hikes constantly. It was such a fantastic way to explore the city and a great source of exercise.

If your anything like me, walking for hours alone with your thoughts can feel intimidating. Make sure to download a podcast or your favorite playlist prior to have the time alone while walking be less daunting.

>> Go See That Movie No One Wants to See With You

Seeing a movie is one of the best solo dates you can take yourself on. Get yourself some popcorn or favorite candy (Sour Patch Kids anyone?!) and cuddle up in that movie no one wants to see with you. Maybe you’re dying to see the new 50 Shades or the new Nicholas Sparks movie.

Whatever it is, I love the idea of a movie for an alone outing because no one can see you, leaving no room for you to feel awkward. 👍

>> Give Yourself a Solo Date Spa Day

Everyone deserves a little self-care (and by self-care…I mean a massage. And by a massage I mean with a legit masseuse).  If you’re trying to stay on a budget, get a few face masks from CVS or Walgreens and go to town. If you’re really trying to go crazy, you can splurge on a hair mask as well.

Nails, hair, skin, whatever it is, allow yourself to feel great with your alone time day. Pull out the essential oils, your baggiest sweater and go to town.

>> Read in a Cute Instagrammable Coffee Shop 

A trashy book can keep me entertained for hours. If you’re looking for a good solo day activity, pick up a new book (or your Kindle app) and go get lost in someone else’s world in a coffee shop. Especially on a rainy day, I love cuddling up with a latte. 

I love being in a coffee shop because everyone else is solo and working around you. It makes me feel less weird about going on this solo date in the first place (if your like me and feel awkward about those sorts of things)!

>> Find Yourself a New Hobby 

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know my love for adult extracurriculars.

This is actually how I first started hanging out alone, when I decided to become a spin instructor. I would head to the gym just to practice my routines and auditions and all of a sudden, I was getting used to hanging out alone.

If your craving a consistent “alone” activity, a hobby (learning something new) is one of the best ways to do it.

What is your favorite thing to do alone? Comment below!


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