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They Say Not To Believe Everything You Read On the Internet – But, Things Are Different at T20S

The Typical Twenty Something is a place where you can learn the in’s and out’s of adulting. As a 26-year-old trying to survive the day to day that is San Francisco rent prices, waking up at 5 a.m. for work and not being able to eat like a 19-year-old, I’ve come to the realization that ADULTING IS HARD. 

Part of growing up is the attempt for a 20-something to act like a real, parental free, independent human. This means being (relatively) on time, asking for a raise when you deserve one and making your own hangover food instead of Postmate-ing Taco Bell.

All jokes aside, I started this blog because I really do believe that growing up as a millennial and in general, being in your 20s is soooo freaking confusing. I mean, I’m trying to figure it out at this very moment.

I *hope* after spending time on this site, you are: 

  • Empowered to jump-start your career, feel confident that you are able to be successful in your job, get the money you deserve and get HIRED
  • Have a healthy mindset within all the stress that comes with being a millennial 
  • Don’t hate adulting SOOOO much!! 

As you get reading, here are some basic rules to adulting:

  1. Having one glass of wine (or three) with dinner every night is socially acceptable.
  2. It’s OK to call your cable company three times because you didn’t understand your bill.
  3. Fake it ’till you make it.

Let’s raise our glasses of rosé and conquer this whole adulthood thing. Are you coming with me?!

… Now get to know T20S!





“The Typical Twenty Something blog is now one of my go-to resources for all career advice! Becky, your articles were super helpful in my job search, being able to talk to you and vent about my worries and my dreams really helped to put me on the right track emotionally. I’ve recommended your site to a few other people in similar stages of their job search – and I’m planning on continuing to use your articles to help with my career growth moving forward! Thank you again!!” – Dani 

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