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The Best Blogs for Twenty-Somethings That Every Millennial Girl Should Read


Being in your 20s is hard enough. From trying to figure out your career, to your friendships – none of it seems easy. That’s why finding great Blogs for twenty-somethings has been such a game-changer for me (and why I wrote this post on the best blogs for twenty somethings). Finding a great millennial bloggers has helped me feel less alone – and frankly, normalize a lot of what this confusing time has brought me. 

Ultimately, that’s why I had started The Typical Twenty Something. I felt like being a twenty-something was incredibly lonely, and even more confusing. I really hope I’ve become one of the best blogs for twenty somethings! 

After I was laid off, had no friends and was on a different coast than my family, I realized that being in your twenties in hard. Everyone kept telling me it was going to be the prime time of my life, and I felt like I had somehow missed the showing. 

I was determined to figured it out. Within a few short years, I had a new job, made some friends, and started to get my footing. I became even more determined to help others crush their career, finances and personal development.

These twenty-something bloggers should help you do the same, whether its self-care, personal development, career or money, you deserve to feel in control in your twenties. These bloggers have inspired me and help me figure out my twenties. And through The Typical Twenty Something, I’ve even gotten to work with a few personally. They are amazing women and I can’t wait for you to read them, as well as continuing to follow along here at T20S. 

If you want another great list of 20-something blogs, check out this longer list from Feedspot. So much blogger inspiration, amiright?! 

Here we go – here are the best blogs for twenty somethings that every millennial girl should read in 2020. 

If you are a twenty-something, you must check out theses twenty something bloggers. Here are the best blogs for twenty somethings! Being in your twenties is hard, from books, to outfits, to gifts, figuring out how to navigate as a millennial is no easy task. These blogs should help you get through your twenties! 20 somethings, twenty somethings

The Best Blogs for Twenty Somethings That Every Millennial Girl Should Read 

Rachel from The Confused Millennial

The Confused Millennial is a must-read blog for 20-somethings. It’s one of the best blogs for twenty somethings! A personal inspiration of mine, Rachel writes about everything from motherhood, mental health, career, and more. I love that Rachel is not afraid to get real with her readers. It only makes her more relatable. 

In addition to being a blogger, Rachel also is a millennial blog consultant / coach, and Forbes contributing writer. She believes in helping others live a balanced, purpose-filled life together. And that’s exactly what you’ll get out of her blog. 

Rachel has actually coached me personally on T20S and I can’t say enough good things about her as a human being. 

Here are some of my favorite posts from The Confused Millennial: 

The Everygirl from The Everygirl

The Everygirl is an online resource that every women in their 20s should read. It’s definitely one of the best blogs for twenty somethings! With always-on relevant content, there’s something about The Everygirl that just reminds you that you will get through this and that everything will be ok.

With focuses on career skills, finance and wellness, you can know when you go to The Everygirl, your mental health and life will be improved. I love that The Everygirl calls like like it is, and isn’t afraid to talk about the hard stuff. 

Here are some of my favorite posts from The Everygirl: 

Kayla from Gen Y Girl 

The Gen Y Girl blog is one of my favorite blogs for twenty somethings. Kayla is a mom to an adorable little girl, Riley, and she writes about motherhood and lifestyle for twenty-somethings. 

Kayla covers mom fashion to budgeting tips and personal finance, all while helping others live a healthy and happy life. That’s something that’s not easy to do. Gen Y Girl also has a great YouTube Channel where she helps others figure out this whole adulting thing. Kayla has definitely written one of the best blogs for twenty somethings. 

A few of my favorite posts from Gen Y Girl are: 

Nicole from GenTwenty 

GenTwenty is a must-read twenty something blog, Nicole covers everything from career, to finance to health. GenTwenty has a ton of contributors (I used to be one of them!), so you get a variety of voices every time you head to the site. 

I love that on GenTwenty, you always get new reads of other twenty-somethings who have likely been going through what you are going through. On the career part of the site, GenTwenty focuses on everything from career success, to career relationships, to social media advice. Basically anything you could be wondering, they have. 

Here are a few of my favorite posts from GenTwenty: 

Amanda from Advice from a Twenty Something 

Amanda is a Bay Area blogger who created one of my favorite 20-something blogs, Advice from a Twenty Something. I love that Amanda works to make twenty-somethings feel reassured that they are not alone in their twenties. 

As a former contributor to this site, its also one of my favorites. I love that the contributors to this site cover everything from Beauty, to Career to Personal Growth. Advice from a Twenty Something is pretty honest about mental health in your twenties; which I have always related to and appreciated. Definitely one of the best blogs for twenty somethings! 

Here are a few of my favorite posts from Advice from a Twenty Something: 

Sam Laura Brown of Sam Laura Brown

Sam of Sam Laura Brown is a mindset coach, personal development blogger and host of The Perfectionism Project – one of the top self-help podcasts on iTunes. She works to help twenty somethings become the best versions of themselves. 

Sam Laura Brown really focuses on perfectionism and helping millennials get out of their own way – which is something I have personally struggled with. I love that she takes a no-fear approach to helping others through these many avenues. 

Here are some of my favorite articles from Sam Laura Brown: 

Jasmine of Miss Millennia Magazine:

Jasmine is a San-Antonio based lifestyle blogger the works to help millennials stay financially fit, healthy and making great life decisions. She considers Miss Millennia Magazine the ‘big sister advice’ blog and I have to admit – I agree. 

I love that Miss Millennia Magazine works to help other women become their best selves, which includes great career advice like negotiating your salary. Or hearing the tough love your best friend would tell you.

Here are some must-read posts from Miss Millennia Magazine: 

Katie of Millennial On The Move: 

Katie from Millennial on the Move is a lifestyle, travel & career blog. Millennial on the Move creates a place for busy millennials who are wanting a little advice on the things they care most about. 

I love that Katie focuses on travel, I truly believe that traveling is such a big part of your twenties. Millennial on the move covers everything from the little things, like what to put on your next Out of Office message. You must read this if you are looking for the best blogs for twenty somethings!

Here are some of my favorite articles from Millennial on the Move: 

Viktoria from We Mean Career:

We Mean Career is one of my favorite career websites for twenty somethings. I absolutely love their content, and how much they have. Founded by Viktoria Bacher, a digital career coach, We Mean Career aims to help others with their job search. 

We Mean Career also has tons of resume and cover letter templates that you can download and purchase. We Mean Career has helped hundreds of women get jobs at amazing companies. If you are a twenty something who is job searching, this is the site for you. 

Here are a few of my favorite blogs from We Mean Career:

Summer from Coffee with Summer

Coffee With Summer is one of the best blogs for twenty- somethings, Summer has created a community for those who live for authentic conversations. She does a great job of focusing on self-care, fashion, travel, and affordable lifestyle. And recently, Summer had the cutest little baby that she’ll blog about as well. 

Coffee with Summer is the perfect go-to blog for any twenty something because she is so REAL. She really makes you feel like you are her BFF in every post. 

Here are some of the best posts from Coffee With Summer:

The Motivated Millennial from Motivated Millennial

The Motivated Millennial works to empower millennials (men and women!) who are overcoming challenges and working to achieve their goals. For any millennials who want to work towards a goal, this is the blog (and podcast!) for you. 

Founded by Ivy, a personal transformation coach trained in the co-active model at the renowned Coaches Training Institute, the blog does a great job of empowering any twenty something. 

Ivy is also the co-host of the Motivational Millennial Podcast, which you should definitely listen to.

Here are some of my favorites from Motivated Millennial:

Becky from The Typical Twenty Something:

Of course we had to include The Typical Twenty Something, this very blog, in the list of favorite twenty something blogs. If you haven’t been to T20S before, The Typical Twenty Something is a place where you can learn the in’s and out’s of adulting. As a 28-year-old trying to survive the day to day that is San Francisco rent prices, waking up at 5 a.m. for work and not being able to eat like a 19-year-old, I’ve come to the realization that ADULTING IS HARD. 

When it comes to career and self-care, I personally struggled in my twenties. I was laid off right out of college and barely made time for myself. After completely turning around my life, I came to the realization that things had to change. And they did! Which is why I love to share my tips with all of YOU. 

Here’s where you should start on The Typical Twenty Something:

Career Girl Daily by Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily is an award-winning magazine providing career support for twenty somethings. I love that CDG covers everything from planning to lifestyle to career. As an OG and obsessive planner myself, I love that Career Girl Daily focuses on helping others plan their absolute best life. Everyone deserves to be successful with the right tools. CDG is an amazing blog, and one of the best blogs for twenty somethings. 

On CDG, you’ll always be inspired to be productive and professional – with blog posts around motivation, and wake up routines. The best part is I truly believe their tips actually work, and that every twenty something could benefit from reading them.

Here are some of my favorite articles from Career Girl Daily: 

A 10 Minute Wake Up Routine To Start Your Day

10 Ways To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Like Doing Nothing 

Five Genius Ways to Become More Productive This Week 

Robert from The College Investor:

The College Investor is a Millennial Personal Finance Blog that helps student with loan debt & learning how to earn more money. Additionally, Robert does a great job of helping others understand how to start investing, so you can build up capitol. 

Starting to understand finance at a young age is so important. Over 50,000 people have joined his courses to stop student loan debt. 

Here are some of my favorite posts from The College Investor if you want to dive into your money: 

David From Money Under 30: 

Money Under 30 is a great finance blog for twenty somethings, it is an independent personal finance site providing free advice for young adults. If you want to make more informed decisions about money, this blog is for you. 

Money Under 30 dives into everything personal finance; whether it be loans, credit, investing or insurance. If you have a money question, come here.

Here are some of my favorite articles from Money Under 30:

Lauren from Intern Queen

The Intern Queen has been my favorite blog for several years, I actually would read it obsessively during college. Lauren Berger is CEO & Founder of both and, which reaches over 6M people. The Intern Queen delivers super unique career advice for any college student or young adult. This is definitely one of the best blogs for twenty somethings!

If you are an ambitious twenty something – this blog is for you! Lauren’s also written several books that you can dive into if you are looking for a longer read. 

This site is not too good to be true, and it actually helped me get my job at Conde Nast. I absolutely love it! 

Here are some of the articles I’ve found most helpful from Intern Queen:

Erin from Broke Millennial:

Broke Millennial helps millennials get their financial life together, who doesn’t need that?! Broke Millennial is one of the best blogs for twenty somethings. Erin gives practical advice that you can actually take with you. Erin also holds lectures and workshops that help millennials understand their money situation. 

I love how real the Broke Millennial gets. She truly feels like she understands all millennial money problems, while making it easier to make good gains. All Erin wants is for you to get control of your finances, which she does with this blog. 

She’s also written a book you must check out.  

Here are a few great posts from Broke Millennial: 

Erica from Coming Up Roses

Coming up Roses is a Philadelphia based blog and podcast, hosted by Erica. In addition to helping twenty somethings with their lifestyle & fashion, she also helps fellow blogger pitch Brand Partnerships. I have personally spent hours on Coming up Roses, which really does feel like a breath of fresh air! 

Erica writes about everything from her baby, to fashion to twenty something burnout. I personally like how real she gets, while somehow (and simultaneously) reminding me that everything will actually be ok. Not that easy to do! Coming up Roses is definitely one of the best blogs for twenty somethings. 

Here are some of my favorite posts from Coming Up Roses: 

And there you have it, the full list of best blogs for twenty somethings that every millennial (yourself included) should read. The best blogs for twenty somethings were not that easy to find – there are so many blogs out there, and these are the best.


And at the very least, make sure to come back to T20S for new blog posts and enhance your life. I can’t wait to enjoy it with you! Now go read the best blogs for twenty somethings! 

If you are a twenty-something, you must check out theses twenty something bloggers. Here are the best blogs for twenty somethings! Being in your twenties is hard, from books, to outfits, to gifts, figuring out how to navigate as a millennial is no easy task. These blogs should help you get through your twenties! 20 somethings, twenty somethings

Navigating your twenties is tough - check out this list of twenty something bloggers to navigate your twenties. These bloggers are some of my favorite, and some that I’ve even gotten to know personally. They go through best books for twenty somethings, best outfits, gifts and more.


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