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What Millennials Want From Work


What do millennials want from work?! It’s not as hard of a question as it sounds!  Have you ever heard someone complain about millennials in the workplace?! I have. From “all millennials are job hopping” to “millennials don’t know how to work hard”, it’s painful to hear people criticize a generation based on a few experiences.

It’s very possible that as millennials enter the workforce, they want different things than generations past. But it doesn’t mean these things are unreasonable, or that there is some sort of translation into work ethic or job stability. If you’ve arrived at this post (thanks for being here, btw!) your either A. a millennial likely frustrated from hearing these types of terms OR trying to figure out how to work with millennials. Millennials are born between 1980 and 1996, which means most of us are headed into the workforce like, now. We have to clear this up.

In this post, we’re going to talk about what millennials expect from work. At least in my experience running a career blog, I’ve been insanely surprised at how passionate millennials are about working hard. I get SO many emails from you all trying to succeed in your careers, which shows me that this amazing generation is working so hard to crush their careers. If you want something different from work, comment below! I want to hear your thoughts!

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What Millennials Want From Work

Opportunities for Growth

I’ve noticed that millennials are no longer working to put food on the table, (I mean, that’s important too), but we are also working to grow. Even if a job is a means to an end, a midway point between our goals and dreams, we have hopes and dreams. We want to grow, we want to learn, to network and to grow as much as possible.

If millennials are in a job and they notice they feel totally stuck – it’s easy to want to jump ship. We’ve been taught that it’s ‘easier to move out than up’ so, workplaces need to make it utterly clear that there’s the opportunity for growth within the company.

A Healthy Work Environment

The days of Devil Wears Prada workplace environments are over! I’ve noticed a massive millennial trend with being healthier, both in our mindsets and in our bodies. This means less tolerance for mean bosses who are simply being mean to others from their own gain.

I mean, it’s so easy to be nice and respectful to others! It’s even easier to phrase things in a nice and respectful way. No one deserves to have a workplace that they hate, and IMO, your mindset and stress levels are more important than any job.

Inspiring Leaders

As I mentioned, millennial employees want to grow in the workplace, we have aspirations and dreams far beyond our current state. There’s nothing better than an inspiring leader at a company of millennials, someone to help them realize that their mission is beyond their day to day jobs.

Most millennials are in lower level jobs as of right now (just based on our ages) which means that our work may be more mundane. It helps to have an inspiring leader to share the purpose of the company, showing that all the hard work we are putting in is not for nothing!

Mentorship Opportunities

Having a mentor is so crucial as a millennial. The ability to have someone to help navigate tough work situations, while showing you a path in your career is incredible. Personally, I love when mentors give me feedback and tell me how to uplevel my career.

I love when companies have built-in mentorship opportunities, programs that allow more junior team members to get to know higher level team members. There are so many things you can learn from having a mentor!

Health Care & Compensation

Compensation comes in so many different forms, and personally, I really value certain types of compensation over others. Millennials are really smart in terms of their compensation. Things like health care, stock options, and consistent payment. Personally, I get wary of contract jobs and such that probably have a high lay off rate and low benefits.

If you are a millennial worker, always feel free to ask your workplace about things like stock options and health care before agreeing to a job. Know that not all stock options are created equal, and some are worth way more than others. This is something that HR professionals can totally help with.

Flexible Work Schedule

Between mobile phones, the cloud, and laptops – it’s easier than ever to work on the go. Companies that are super strict around your working hours (in that, you have to be at your desk at a certain time and leave at a certain time) feel more constraining than ever! I’ve noticed that millennials really value having the ability to go to the doctor or something, but work later, without having to make a big fuss about it.

New Age Work Spaces

So many companies are becoming creative with their workspaces. The day and age of cubicles are over, don’t you think? Millennials desire a fun workspace, something that gives us energy and makes us excited for the day. A happy workspace honestly makes it so much easier to work hard for a company – so it makes so much sense that you would want that for your employees! This will also help keep them off social media and in the zone, they will have so much less of a desire to be distracted at work.

Job Training

Especially as a junior employee, it’s so scary to go into a job with no experience at all. Millennials want job training in their new roles, as an opportunity to grow and succeed. I truly do believe millennials are actually super ambitious as it relates to work, they just need to be set up for long term success.
As a millennial employee myself, I’ve always appreciated job training. It makes any job seem so much less daunting.
What do you want and desire in the workplace? Leave a comment below!

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