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What To Wear To A Conference – So You Feel Professional And Comfortable


Have you ever been to a professional conference before? TBH, I used to be terrified of work conferences. I’m not kidding! Not only are you expected to talk to a million people you don’t know (scary!), but you also have to stand for hours on end, soak in so much information, and more. You have to go to the conference dressed the part when sometimes you don’t know anyone else there. It can be totally anxiety-inducing. I mean, what’s the norm?!

At one of my old jobs, I used to have to go to professional and academic conferences once a month. Every time I would go, my thought would be, “WTF will the dress code be?!”

Deciding what to wear, so you can be all professional, cute, all while being on your feet for hours on end is no easy task. I mean, this isn’t an easy task in regular life, let alone on a work trip. It actually took me months to start finding outfits I could wear to professional conferences. Lucky for you, I’m here to share them with you today.

And honestly, there is no exact dress code, but you want to look professional, and cute at the same time. Wearing skirts and dresses don’t have to be your only option, there are so many great outfits beyond that. If you do wear a dress though, make sure it’s knee-length!

If you are attending a conference soon, follow this guide to figure out what the heck to wear! Seriously, there are so many other things to worry about at a business conference that this is the last thing you should have to worry about.

Also, everything I’ve linked in this post is not expensive, meaning you can look great, feel great, and ball on a budget.

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What To Wear To A Conference - So You Feel Professional And Comfortable

What To Wear To A Conference


Ok, I could talk for hours about the necessity of a good blazer. And for a conference? Wearing a blazer is honestly one of the best moves. You honestly can’t go wrong.

Not only are the sleeves not all up in your armpit (I’ll do anything to avoid BO, let’s be real), but you can pair it with a million different things.

Personally, I like a patterned blazer or a brighter colored blazer with a sleek worktop under. This gives you the ability to take off the blazer and be a boss b in your cute but simple top. It also makes sure you are able to handle any warm (or cold) temperatures).

My favorite blazer (off of Amazon, funnily enough) is this one right here. I actually LOVE how long it is, and the color is so cute. I can’t get enough! I wear it all the time to work honestly, it’s so freaking amazing.

What To Wear To A Conference - Black Blazer

Business Casual Jumpsuit

I’m obsessed with jumpsuits. For some reason, a black jumpsuit is flattering on literally EVERYONE, while making you look totally professional and put together. And with some little heels? You are good to go.

I don’t like my jumpsuits super tight, I want it to be comfortable and flattering, and of course professional. There is literally nothing better than a one-piece outfit on a work trip. I mean, what’s better than not having to think about what you’re wearing? While still looking amazing? Nothing. Nothing is better.

This jumpsuit has wide legs which I love! I’ve linked it here as well. 

Business Casual Jumpsuit

Professional Blouses

Ok, so as I said above – I love to pair a blazer with a comfy, and cute professional blouse. I love a silk, or fake silk honestly, shirt for a conference. It’s so easy to pair with jeans or slacks. And a belt? If you tuck in your shirt a little bit in the front, it’s so cute and professional!

TBH, I try and stay away from cotton shirts when I go to a conference. There’s something that looks a little more professional about something that looks like silk, or whatever material fake silk is made out of (polyester?!). This one is only $17 which is honestly insane and so cute. Here is the picture of the blouse below! 

Professional Blouses


High-waisted slacks are such an easy way to look professional at a conference. And a flattering way too! I mean, anything high waisted is a win so you can eat pastries for breakfast and still be comfortable, but more importantly, slacks are usually pretty comfortable.

Try pairing your slacks with a tucked in blouse and you’ll be all set. The pair I linked has a built-in belt that helps bring the outfit to life. Here are my favorite slacks!!

High-waisted slacks are such an easy way to look professional at a conference.

Business Casual Shoes

At least in the summer, I love an open toe shoe with a block heel. I believe in wearing at least a little heel for conferences because it makes you look more professional than a flat. If you can find a good flat, great, it’s just not for me.

Business casual shoes are the best – you can double up and wear them for work whenever. Here are the ones I love! 

Business Casual Shoes

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Conference Outfit Ideas For Millennials

See below for a few real outfit ideas (from my closet!!) ideas for women. If you are going to a conference soon, click through and go and buy yourself the perfect, professional outfit, that all women can wear.

Blazer, Slacks & Flats

If you can put on a blazer and slacks, to bump up your professionalism, wearing flats is the perfect addition to your outfit. My goal with this outfit was to be super comfortable and cute while screaming to the rooftops professionalism to your fellow conference attendees.

Here is the link to the flats, blazerslacks!

Conference Outfit Ideas For Millennials

A Jumpsuit and Little Block Heels

As I mentioned above, I love a jumpsuit with some block heels! Block heels are so incredibly comfortable and make your feet look kind of sexy if that’s not weird to say.

A jumpsuit and your block heel don’t even have to be the same color, it’s cute to mix and match, maybe with a sweater.

Here is the block heel and the jumpsuit!

A Jumpsuit and Little Block Heels

Leather Pants and A Blouse

I love a blouse, especially a button down shirt with some jeans or leather pants. It’s so cute to be able to pull the outfit together with something sleek and simple.

Here is the link to the leather pants and the blouse!


Leather Pants and A Blouse

Do you have conferences coming up? If so, I can’t wait to see you in your boss babe outfit that you’ve picked out from this post. What a cutie pie! Have the best time babe.


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