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Six Reasons Why You Are Not Getting the Promotion Or Raise At Work That You Freaking Deserve


I could probably bet $100 that you are kicking a$$ in life right now. You deserve a promotion. Scratch that, you deserve THE WORLD. 💁🏻

So what happens when your boss walks in the room and grazes over the fact that you’re basically the best thing to come to your company since sliced bread? AKA, someone hustling half as hard as you are getting double your salary and a PROMOTION and you are getting zilch.

I mean literally I know they say life isn’t fair but I thought they were talking about Blake Lively’s looks throwing off the scale for the rest of us, and not the fact that we’re not being recognized for the hard work we’re putting in day in and day out.

What’s a girl to do!?

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Let’s be real. 🙌🏻

If you looked at your work life the way you examine your pores every morning in the 7X magnifying mirror, there’s always more we can do to ensure we are recognized for all our hard work.

A few years ago, I was busting my butt working at a job. Staying up until 10 p.m. (sometimes all-nighters) and delivery beyond the quality of work that was asked of me. When the time came for management to recognize me, it never felt that I was the one to be chosen out of the crowd. In my head, I KNEW that I had to be working harder than some others.

Was I not working smart? Possibly. Were there other things I could be doing to ensure I was going to be promoted + excel in my career!? 100%.

It took me a while to learn that the reason I wasn’t being recognized was actually my fault (who knew)! I’ve been there. This feeling sucks. There’s nothing more disheartening than knowing you’ve been working late, working hard and truly deserve something that you don’t get.

Why is this?! No one wants this experience, so how can we avoid it?!

In looking back, there are so many commonalities in those times where I was put up for promotion or advanced in my career. In reflecting on my past experience, I put together a list of the reasons why YOU aren’t getting promoted. Even though you probably deserve it.

Even though I’ve always worked at bigger companies, I truly believe this entire list is applicable to any job that you are in.

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Here are the six reasons why your NOT getting promoted:

You’re not asking for it

Asking for a promotion is NOT thirsty. It’s actually what most men in their careers already do. A few years ago, I realized I was not doing this, and therefore, I was not getting it. It’s OK to make it known you want to excel in your career. Be freaking thirsty. If your stuck on how to phrase it, try this…

“I already feel that I am acting at this level. I want my peers and company to recognize that too.”

You are missing something

Setting expectations are one of the biggest and best things you can do to ensure promotion. It’s possible that you are working as hard as you possibly can and yet, your not meeting the expectations that a manager expects of you.

One of the best things you can to ensure your meeting what your seniors want of you. It’s ok to ask if you are meeting expectations. Even better, write it down! This way, your managers will have no way of saying that you are not meeting their expectations.

You’re negative at work

It’s never good to be too negative at work. People want a happy environment. One of the best pieces of career advice I’ve ever been given is to always be positive in the workplace.

I’ve actually seen this happen to friends: they are doing great at work but they are incredibly negative. They weren’t advanced as a result!

You aren’t playing ‘the game’

I HATE workplace politics. Literally, they are the worst. That being said, they exist. It seems like wherever you go, they exist. If you have a place without them, I am JEALOUS.

Whenever you start a job, it’s important to observe the workplace politics. I wouldn’t say you have to fully immerse yourself in them, but if there’s someone you need to meet in order to excel later down the line, do it. What’s the harm?

You don’t come off as ‘mature’ or experienced

I’ve been told my entire life I look young, especially in the workplace. Being blessed with good genes (thanks, mom!) along with being petite with a high pitched voice that sounds somewhat like Minnie Mouse, I have never been viewed as someone who could excel quickly.

I was given the advice that if I wanted to be taken seriously at work, I need to ensure that I came off more experienced or mature. Even though this is frustrating (I can’t help the sound of my voice), it was actually true.

I started watching how much I was saying “like” or the way I was dressing at work. It actually helped so much to ensure others perceived me in a more “adult” light.

You aren’t taking the feedback

Feedback is the greatest gift someone can give you in the workplace. They are literally TELLING you what they need to see in order for you to be promoted. It’s OK if don’t always agree with the feedback, it’s great to listen to it and try what others are saying. It always looks great to know that you can take feedback!

If someone gives you feedback, take it. Cherish it! Take it and make some moooooves.

Soooo, go get that promotion! Have you ever gotten advice or done anything different to excel in the workplace? Share your advice below!! 👉👉👉

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Bonus: While you are thinking about your career – pick up the resume template that landed me 4 job offers in 4 weeks!



  1. Yes, yes, yes! I don’t have a job where I can get a promotion since I work for myself, but my husband is in this exact position! It is SO frustrating not seeing him earn as much as he should be, just because he is with a “smaller firm.” I think he’s doing everything right, so may be time to start interviewing at different places…who knows! Great tips!!!

  2. Just doing your best can help as well. Ask the right questions. Ask for help. Make friends with more tenured employees that can show you the ropes. These are just a few of the things I have currently been doing. Recognition will come in time. (Now if I can just get that stress down…)

  3. Asking for a promotion is so scary but I’ve only been told “no” once. If you’re a benefit to your team they will want to keep you happy and, more often than not, give you what you ask for!

  4. Great tips! I totally agree with all of these but especially the one about asking for it. How are people supposed to know what you want unless you tell them? I’ve always been told to be clear about what I want and never let anyone make me feel poorly for asking for what I want.

  5. ugh, “the game” call out is a love/hate part of getting promotions for me because I do think we should remain as unpolitical as possible @ work, but unfortunately you’re right, sometimes you do have to – just in the most tasteful way possible! x, nicole //

  6. These are all great points! I couldn’t disagree with any of them.

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